Alcohol Week (One Night Only)

A semi-non-annual celebration of alcohol consumption
in the ancient Summalonian tradition

Tuesday, December 28th
Alex and Alicia’s house, starting at 7:30PM

The ancient Summalonian people celebrated the birth of baby Santa by going to a zoo and exchanging gifts with a virgin, or something similar to that. I can’t quite remember.

Since most folks seem to have the week off, it seems appropriate to celebrate in the ancient Summalonian style by having a cocktail party on a school night.

Since we don’t have a zoo, baby, or virgin, nor do we want to see what you degenerates would do with them, we’re going to simply honor the occasion by decorating with some mistletoe. You are also encouraged to exhibit your leftover holiday mistletoe in whatever fashion seems appropriate for this ancient Summalonian holiday.

Our new house is shoeless, so bring those sassy new bunny slippers you got from that obscure relative you had visiitng.

More specifics are in the invite; ask Alicia or Alex about it.